Creating Communities and Sacred Spaces to promote self-love, self-awareness and self-healing.  You are NOT ALONE!!!
  • Sister Circle

    You are a piece of art

    Come create art in sisterhood

    Express your creativity


    Have you ever felt shut down in your creative expression?


    Were you … 


    This may block you from writing a book, picking up an old passion or hobby, or just living a more creative life.


    What would happen if you felt free to create?


    Come explore at this month’s circle gathering where you will cultivate your creativity to express your full, unbridled expression in the world.


    Come to circle and experience:


    * MEDITATION to ground into the space and be utterly present


    * INTIMATE SHARING to look at where you’ve been shut down


    * CEREMONY to identify and release the fear, doubt and worry about expressing your creativity


    * MOVEMENT to let loose and be witnessed in your body’s self-expression


    * RITUAL to connect with your inner artist, no matter how messy, imperfect or unpolished


    It is our birthright to create. We are divine by nature. And together, in sisterhood, we can empower each other to express the truth of who we are.


    It is in circle where we experience who we truly are in our unique brilliance and be celebrated by our sisters so we fully reclaim our inner artist.


    Together in sisterhood, we are stronger.

    Together we will change the world.


    Space is limited, so save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.





    (( All ticket sales are final ))


    Save Your Spot!!